10 Piece Grooming Bucket Tough-1 Deluxe Micro Mesh Fly Sheet
Our Price: $39.34
Our Price: $103.16
10 Piece Grooming Bucket

A great collection of grooming products in a convenient 8 qt flat back bucket. Bucket includes hay net, hoof pick, large comb, sweat scraper, small comb, sarvis brush, 2 sided scrub mitt, medium brush, and sponge.
Tough-1 Deluxe Micro Mesh Fly Sheet

Lightweight micro mesh allows natural air circulation over the horse while keeping annoying flies and insects away. Double buckle front, quick grip belly wrap, triple gussets for freedom of movement, tail flap and adjustable legs straps.
Web Hay Feeder Tough-1 Stars & Stripes Saddle Pad
Our Price: $56.96
Our Price: $54.74
Web Hay Feeder

Slow feed web hay feeder. Entire bag is made from 1" webbing in small 2"x2" openings to slow horse down while eating and making less waste. Plastic frame in webbing at top makes loading hay easy. Adjustable hanging stap with snaps at both ends to close the top of the hay bag so horse can't sneak hay from the top. Includes strap on lower back to secure bag to stall or trailer to keep it from spinning.
Tough-1 Stars & Stripes Saddle Pad

Medium weight acrylic blend saddle pad with fleece lining.

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