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Find the items that you need to take great care of your horse’s hooves when you shop here on our website. We offer a huge selection of farrier supplies that are just the right items to use to make sure that your horse is able to keep his feet a lot healthier all the time. Horse hooves have to be maintained well to ensure that you aren’t harming your horse when you ride him. Having proper horse shoes and clean hooves is valuable to making sure a horse is able to stay healthy and continue moving well when you ride. You’ll find plenty of farrier tools available here on our website including driving hammers for horse shoes and some great nippers. Shop the wide selection that we offer to find items you can use to care for your horses.

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Tough-1 Nail Nipper Tough-1 Nail Nipper
Our Price: $13.09

There are many great items that we offer here on our website that are ones that are perfect to use when taking great care of your horse’s hooves. You’ll be able to find a wide range of options that you can choose from including some great hoof picks and even some hoof brushes that can be used to constantly maintain horse hooves on a regular basis. With so many excellent options available, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect kinds of items that you can use to make sure that your horse’s hooves are in perfect condition on a regular basis. After you’ve finished looking at these items, shop other areas of our website for items to use when caring for your horses like a horse fly veil with ears and a horse blanket rack.